2nd Phase of Hacking ( Scanning )

Scanning in Hacking

Scanning:- It involves taking the information discovered during reconnaissance and using it to examine the network. Tools that a hacker may employ during the scanning phase can include dialers, port scanners, network mappers, sweepers, and vulnerability scanners. Hackers are seeking any information that can help them perpetrate attack such as computer names, IP addresses, and user accounts.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Phase 2 techniques may include the following:

  • Port scanners.
  • Vulnerability scanners.
  • Network mappers.

Port scanning is a method of determining which ports on a network are open and could be receiving or sending data. The goal behind port and network scanning is to identify the organization of IP addresses, hosts, and ports to properly determine open or vulnerable server locations and diagnose security levels.

A vulnerability scan is an automated, high-level test that looks for and reports potential known vulnerabilities. An external vulnerability scan is performed outside of your network (e.g., at your network perimeter), and it identifies known weaknesses in network structures.

Network maps interpret the data gathered by network performance monitors and change their visualizations to reflect device and network statuses. Depending on the tool, network maps alert you to tackle problems like excess traffic and other network issues.

Thing to keep in mind before using and scanning tool —

Port and vulnerability scanning without permission can get you into trouble: Civil lawsuits. The owner of a scanned system can sue the person who performed the scan.



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